Keeping your house impeccably clean during the winters

Winter is the worst time to keep your house clean, as snow, slush, and dirt are likely to hamper all your cleaning efforts. With COVID fears also adding to the stress, there is an unspeakable dread amongst people who are seeking out every possible way to stay safe and clean.

As the flu season forces people to remain indoors, there is an increased chance of disease spread. The spread is largely attributed to less air circulation and the settling of dust & grime all over the house. No wonder why Oakville cleaning services receive umpteen cleaning requests during the winters.

Review here to understand how remote working has also increased the customer’s dependency on janitorial and sanitizing services.

If you think that outsourcing your cleaning needs might burn a hole in your pockets, read out a few fabulous tips in this article to reduce your wintertime cleanliness concerns.

Seven tips to keep your house clean during the flu season

Prevent dirt accumulation
Winters make it extremely challenging to remove and clean dirt. Hence it is highly advisable to practice regular cleaning throughout the winter to prevent dust accumulation. This is essential to prevent the build-up of germs as well.

If you do not have enough time to spend on cleaning, seek the services of janitors, who offer different packages that may suit your requirements.

Clean and fresh tools
Come winter, welcome a host of diseases, including the most dreaded flu. It is very important to keep your house clean during winters, especially when someone is already sick in the house. The tools used for cleaning are often neglected items, and you must ensure that the tools are either new or are disinfected properly before and after every use.

If you are availing of an external janitorial service, make sure that they use tools in the best condition.

Periodic cleaning
While there is no doubt that winter is the season to be extra cautious, it would be good to organize cleaning sessions periodically throughout the season. This can, to a great extent, prevent dust from accumulating.

For the busy bees, hiring a janitorial service would be the ideal choice. Cleaning services have different cleaning packages, with a few offering services weekly or bi-weekly and a few others every month.

Clean the most frequented corners of the house
Staying at home tends to make certain areas the most trafficked zones. These highly trafficked areas need utmost attention because it is likely that sick people might also use the same. Ensure that these areas are cleaned thoroughly and frequently.

Place adequate mats at the entryway
Entryways are probably the messiest of all places in a house during the winter. It is most likely that people bring in snow and dirt into the home once they step out. Hence, make sure that enough mats are placed on every entryway.

Kitchens and bathrooms-the high traffic areas
Kitchens and bathrooms are undoubtedly the most visited places in your home. Ensure that every space & item from kitchen counters to kitchen faucets is cleaned and sanitized regularly. A handy disinfectant spray might be a good idea to expedite sanitizing needs.

Clean these common items regularly.
Remote control, phones, kitchen knobs, handles, sinks, hand railings, toilet flushers, and computer stations are the most used common items at home. Make sure that you clean and sanitize all these items regularly.

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