Do air conditioners purify air?

The quality of air indoors and how your air conditioner affects it should be a common concern since most people spend the majority of their time inside their home, office, or other interiors. During the heat of summer months, the quality of air Indoor is typically 2-4 times more polluted than the outdoor air even with an air conditioning filter.

Tips to improve indoor air quality
Air conditioning technicians can inspect the atmosphere in your home. Polluted air is circulated throughout your home by your air conditioning system.

Some of these air pollutants include pollen, chemicals from cleaning products, mold, and mildew, dirt and dust, pet dander, and airborne contaminants.

Each time warm air is cooled and pushed back into your home through the HVAC system filter, the cooling fluid will result in trapped particles of allergens in the AC filters.

It is important to regularly change your AC filters to ensure the efficiency of the cooling system of your air conditioner, at the same time this can help in eliminating health problems.

Does an air conditioner work as an air purifier?
Air conditioners can be misunderstood for indoor air pollution cleaning systems. An air-conditioning unit fixed with the air filters which act as air purifiers is the only way you can ensure cleaner air.

The purifier inside your ac system are not efficient to clean the small allergens away from the air inside, such cannot be seen by your naked eyes. The harmful allergens will swirl around your house and cause life-threatening respiratory diseases.

The air conditioner may accumulate mold spores since it contains a lot of cool air, when you do not provide clean air, this will trigger a serious Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) for your family members.

But the dense filter will only have a minimal effect on smoke and other smaller particles. An air purifier with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can also help to improve the quality of the atmosphere, particularly if there’s an area of your home like a single room with poor ventilation.

An air handler will help purify the atmosphere. As you can see, the AC itself won’t clean the air which may pose some health risks, but the air purifier certainly will even eliminate virus particles and ensure free flow of air. You can determine the efficiency of the air filters by their minimum efficiency reporting value. The evaporator coil needs to stay clean all the time.

Air-conditioners with Hepa filters can help make your home cool and pollutant-free. The HEPA filter will cycle and assist in cleaning indoor air by a filtration system that collects and traps airborne pollutants within the air purifier. Other air purifiers include Activated Carbon filters, this is designed to bring in the fresh air. It will sieve the return air before entering the unit itself.

Some ac units have an air purification filter which depends on ionization. The air conditioning process provides a clean atmosphere in the room.

There are a few variations on the primary function of this type, including plasma stream and photocatalytic filters.

Can your air conditioner purify the air?
Yes, your AC does have some slight purifying function because it does contain a component that captures dust pollution before it is pulled into the AC. Also, ACs have a dehumidifier effect that helps reduce moisture which can facilitate dust mites and mold growth.

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