Can air conditioners make you sick?

A recent study shows that hot homes with air conditioners and humidification systems disperse contaminants into the indoor air. These contaminants lead to sick building syndrome. Occupants of air-conditioned office buildings reported more symptoms of health problems than those who worked in buildings with natural ventilation.

Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms

  • Increase in body heat,
  • Difficulty breathing,
  • Increased blood pressure

There are non-specific symptoms of sick building syndrome including irritated skin, breathing problems, sore throats, mucous membrane irritation, headache, blood pressure, and fatigue. your HVAC unit regulates high temperatures.

You should ensure there is no condensate drain line clog or leak, you should consider a cleaner. Ensure you conduct proper maintenance and ensure the air filters are replaced when necessary. you need to carry out a yearly service to ensure no stagnant water in the evaporator as cold air passes over it.

Are you suffering from air conditioning sickness?
Health issues such as watery eyes, stuffy noses, and throat irritation. several basic symptoms of respiratory problems that are flu-like such as sore throat, common cold, high body temperature are some of your body’s natural responses to unnatural coldness and cold temperatures due to an air-conditioned room.

you can also experience Heat intolerance, While most people aren’t fans of extreme heat, the way to tell if you are heat intolerant is if you can’t be comfortable in hot weather.

The air-conditioned environment usually has very dry air since the units do not come with a whole-house humidifier function. Drink more water to keep yourself hydrated and your throat and nasal passages moist if you spend a lot of time in an air conditioner environment.

Dry skin from low humidity levels, It is common to experience unusual dryness of the skin when you run an air conditioner at low temperatures. Scientifically, small arteries leading to the skin constrict at super-low temperatures as a defense mechanism.

Central Ac unit will decrease your blood flow, This will include white blood cells which help in safeguarding your body against the cold-causing viruses. If you spend too much time in air-conditioned environments, you will tend to need a high amount of health care services for symptoms from the cool air. You need to step outside for fresh air

Mold inside your air conditioning unit
The air conditioning units themselves can be a great place for bacteria and mold to proliferate when not properly maintained. Another cause of sickness from air conditioning systems is by running your central air conditioning too cold.

An air conditioning system is considered a huge mold-producing machine since they form a suitable fungus environment. with high dust and lose moisture, it becomes a wonderful breeding ground if no thorough cleaning occurs. if you are depending on your ac system, you will be prone to become intolerant of the sweltering heat.

What Causes Air Conditioning Sickness in an air conditioner?
AC unit is not harmful. an air conditioner can be very beneficial if you are suffering from respiratory issues. some of the health effects of an Air conditioner begin where the ac, fungi, other bacteria, mildew and, mold meet. The moisture can create a good environment for bacteria and mold to grow if not cleaned regularly.

Your air Conditioner May Be Making You Sick. We provide free consultations if you have any complaints related to your ac or the air quality of your home.

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